We are remodeling our office to add more space for our new team. We have been growing pretty rapidly – adding 2-3 people per quarter over the last year. We are excited for the remainder of the year as we plan on adding at least 5 more new positions by the end of the year.

inTech Canada Location Opening

We are pleased to announce the expansion of inTech team to Vancouver, Canada. With our new office located at 8333 130th St, Surrey, BC. We are excited for the new positioning this gives inTech as we move into our next year of planning. At inTech Consulting, we believe that to successfully address the customers issues Read more about inTech Canada Location Opening[…]

The Myth of Turn-Key Business Intelligence

So you pay your employees to collect, input, process, correlate, audit and otherwise wrangle the data that drives your business.  You’ve paid a small fortune for a line-of-business application to structure and hold all this data and guide your business processes.  You’ve invested a great deal of time and energy in implementing all of this Read more about The Myth of Turn-Key Business Intelligence[…]

5 Simple Steps You Can Take To Secure Your Small Business Network

Secure your hardware Securing your hardware is an often overlooked and simple step you can take to secure your network. The best firewalls and anti-virus systems are rendered useless if burglars steal your equipment, servers, laptops, and mobile phones. Lock your servers and related equipment behind a locked door and secure them with server racks. Read more about 5 Simple Steps You Can Take To Secure Your Small Business Network[…]