My Achievements and Goals

In the Career:

With over 10 years of being employed in IT, I have a number of projects and solutions being researched, deployed and managed. My largest achievement was working in a multi-part 1000+ server upgrade. With little organization coming in, I took the responsibility happily to create a project plan. Working with my team to create a call to action and meeting deadlines on when and how we can roll over our 1000+ servers. Over the 4-month project, I learned a lot and worked hard but I am happy to carry over this experience to every future customer I work with from here on out to give the best IT consulting services.

At Home:

Around the same time as this project, I became interested in the BitCoin and other various cryptocurrencies coming out at the time. I figured out I was able to leverage mass deploy servers on AWS to use during the mining boom. I then developed a script to install the needed applications on each deployed server and configure the paths to all the wallets to organize the distribution of the BitCoins. The amount of information needed to discover, diagnose issues, and create a functioning product allowed me to grow in IT. I am extremely proud of the strides I made during Alt-coin mining in being able to roll out plans for companies today.