My Achievements and Goals

In the Career:

I enjoy and excel in troubleshooting technology issues and having the ability to research solutions that will assist the customer. My largest success put into practice on these skills would have to be our 500 person non-profit manufacturing company. Overhauling their infrastructure from network issues; including firewall, virtual private networks, and more that was production impacting. After a year of working with upper management, the impact on their business has been leagues above where they have ever been in trusting their network is working for them.

At Home:

I love being outdoors and hiking. The Pacific Northwest has this in spades. Every weekend if I am not working on a project for work, you will find me somewhere in the wilderness. My favorite place I have discovered would have to be The Enchantments located in central Washington consisting of a 4.5 mile backpacking and 4 day camping trip. It was immense fun being so far off and getting to enjoy the lakes for the natural beauty that is out in the wild.