Samsung’s latest hard drive – the 950 Pro SSD – is the fastest consumer SSD it’s ever made. The 950 Pro can reach speeds of up to 2,500Mbps and write speeds as fast as 1,500MBps. That’s ridiculously good. The 950 Pro is more than four times the read speed of the 850 Pro. The write speed of the 950 Pro is three times as fast as the 850 Pro. In the 950 Pro, Samsung implemented NVMe rather than AHCI technology. Many of the older SSDs still use ACHI technology, and standard design. The 950 Pro also uses M.2 form factor (AKA “Gumstick” because of its shape and size) and PCI-Express interface. Here at inTech we’ve always encouraged our clients to have a SSD. Samsung comes highly recommended. If speed of your hard drive is highly important to you and your company, we recommend the 950 Pro.