Has technology become so important that we stopped paying attention to our surroundings, friends and loved ones? What happened to getting together with group of friends and just talking about random stuff rather than taking selfies, snapchatting, instagramming or updating status on Facebook?
Why are we so concerned of what other people think? Why are we so concerned about what is happening in someone else’s life? Why do we need to let the world know that we are dining at fancy restaurant or taking a vacation? Why are we engaging in psychological warfare about who is having more fun? Who has a better life?
Everyday, I witness multitudes of cars that pass by where the drivers are actively texting, checking their email or are engaged in some kind of social media updates. Can we not drive without all of the digital distractions? According to USA Today, 1 out of 4 accidents are caused by drivers texting or being distracted with their digital devices. Can we not wait until we are done driving to tweet or check Facebook?

According to a TIME magazine poll, 84% people worldwide said they couldn’t go a single day without their phone in their hand – WOW! I can only hope that the 84% share the same affection when it comes to their family and friends.
Technology is great and I love using it but take it from someone who fractured his spinal cord in a car accident where the driver was distracted while driving, it is not worth being in a wheelchair your whole life. Your tweet, update, email, etc can wait – Be responsible. Enjoy your drive!