Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency, has been the craze for the last couple months for its exponential growth and immense potential for profitability. For reference of how lucrative Bitcoin has been, back in July of 2010, a single coin was worth $.08; in December of 2017, it reached $20,000 for a single coin. It is now expected by crypto experts that it will reach $50,000 by December of 2018. Once again, that is the expected value for a single coin.

It is a strong example of the power of Blockchain Technology and how it will affect our society within the next decade or so. The exciting part is that we can be involved in this revolutionary technology monetarily. As they often say, the rise of the tides will raise all ships.

If you would like learn a bit more about this, inTech Inc. will be hosting a Lunch and Learn and be diving deeper into the topics of Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology, and Crypto Mining. We are located in the Seattle/Kent area, and we will only be accepting 12 guests at the time. So please make sure to RSVP as soon as you can.

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— Robert, BizDev & Marketing