In the previous blog post, we talked about our first speaking gig of 2018, on Cybersecurity. We talked about the importance of being very aware of the dangers of Viruses, Malwares, and Security Breaches. Here is the link to this post.

With that said, 95% of breaches are caused by human error and 55% of attacks are carried out by those with inside access to target company’s systems. So, we can definitely implement some tips on how to avoid these types of situations. Here are the great responsibilities we must carry out if we want to harness the power of the internet without worries:

  1. Have reliable backups: don’t depend on one source. This can also allow you to not worry as much if the hackers use these files as a “hostage” in exchange for money.
  2. Only browse websites with https:// – or, with the lock symbol on the search bar.
  3. Have strong passwords  for all your accounts (email, social media, online banking, computers, etc.)
  4. Have a quality Firewall setup – will prevent them from viruses/malware/security breaches.
  5. Train your staff – to teach your workers on best practices is the best preventative for avoiding these Viruses, Malwares, and Security Breaches.

— Robert, BizDev & Marketing

— Raj, President

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