As we get closer to 2020, we start entering the deep waters of immersive technology that can be very exciting but also worrisome. It is nice to have online banking, buy clothes from an online website, store our private photos on the cloud (instead of a physical drive that could be destroyed in a fire), and all the many benefits that derive from the internet (“the cloud”) that we have started to trust and love.  But, as Ben Parker says in the classic Spider-man novels, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This is no exception for the Internet.

Simply explained, all these useful websites and tools that we use on the internet will store your private information that hackers dream to have and work for. With this information, they will use your credit using your social security number, steal your precious assets, hold your private information as hostage (w/o guarantee of it being given back), and many other variations of a nightmare. But, these types of situations can usually be prevented if we practice “safe browsing” and take certain precautions. We’ll talk about some tips down below.

There was a story of one of our clients that had been robbed of their computers, without physically stealing the computers. Workers at this client’s company had been wondering why their computers had gotten so slow. Hackers in Pakistan had stolen their computing power, through a malware that allowed them to mine bitcoin with their computers for the past few years. Bitcoin has just recently been extremely profitable. So, for 2 years straight, these hackers were using the corporation’s large collection of computing power and electricity for free. They had essentially been generating money at our client’s expense. By now, if they had kept bitcoin for these years, they would have made a pretty hefty profit from US dollars back in their country. At the same time, our client may have not been able to be as productive due to these slower computers.

So, we would strongly advise you to check out some tips, that we’ve just posted today: Top 5 Simple Tips on Preventing Viruses, Malware, and Security Breaches

— Robert, BizDev & Marketing

— Raj, President

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