Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case Is The Best!

My days are hectic. My life is run by my calendar and therefore my iPhone. I am constantly checking emails, making calls and researching topics and products from my phone all day. If you know me then you know how much I love my iPhone 7. The problem has always been the battery life! I Read more about Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case Is The Best![…]

Azure AD Connect – Connecting your infrastructure to the cloud

With the current direction the industry is heading, more and more IT environments are moving to cloud solutions. This means you need to use additional tools to keep your cloud and on-premise environments in sync to create a true Single Sign-On solution. In this article, we will be reviewing sync features of one specific tool Read more about Azure AD Connect – Connecting your infrastructure to the cloud[…]

Using O365 Mailboxes and Permissions

Office365 is a fantastic mail platform with many options. However, due to the large amount of options, certain features are often unexplored. Specifically, there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding O365 mailboxes. I frequently see offices paying for mailbox licenses when a different free mailbox could’ve been used. In this article I will review Read more about Using O365 Mailboxes and Permissions[…]


CryptoWall Viruses CryptoWall viruses such as CryptoLocker, AlphaCrypt and TeslaCrypt to name a few are ransomware trojans that encrypt any file that it has access to your on machine, delete the original, and then demand money to restore your data. What this means is that not only will it delete your files from your computer Read more about Crypto![…]