Beep Baseball – Seattle Police Department – 4th Annual Game

On Saturday May 19th, inTech had the privilege of volunteering for the Seattle Sluggers. The Sluggers are a Beep Baseball team from Seattle. Beep Baseball is played by blind individuals with a softball like ball that makes audible noise to alert the blind batter and fielders the whereabouts of the ball. On Saturday, it was Read more about Beep Baseball – Seattle Police Department – 4th Annual Game[…]

Autonomous Vessels

Earlier this month, the El Faro cargo ship went missing around the Bahamas. Approaching the Bahamas, El Faro came in contact with 125-mph winds and 50-foot seas of Hurricane Joaquin. The US Coast guard predicts the ship sank after taking on water and shortly after this the engines failed. Last Wednesday marked six days without Read more about Autonomous Vessels[…]